Reproductive Cycle

Hi Readers! This week’s article is about the female reproductive cycle. There are 4 phases in the reproductive cycle.  Menstruation Phase (approximately 1-7 days) On the 1st day of the menstrual cycle, levels of the progesterone (hormone) drop significantly, which causes the uterine lining to shed – this is what people call “the period”. TheContinue reading “Reproductive Cycle”

World Menopause Day – October 18th

Hi Readers! If you follow Julia Sexologist on Instagram, you have already seen part of this article. I am adding the link and abstract of the White Paper the International Menopause Society published for the 2020 awareness day. Happy reading! October 18th, 2020 is World Menopause Day. The purpose of this day is to raiseContinue reading “World Menopause Day – October 18th”