Using Mindfulness to Connect with your Body and Sexual Desire

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Some of you may know about sensate focus which is about touching and being touched. You can maximize the potential of sensate focus by beginning without any preconceived notions of what you may experience, feel, or how much pleasure it will produce. While using this practice, begin with an open mind, so as not to cloud your judgment about this experience and your feelings.

This practice allows you to be mindful of every touch and feeling you experience. It allows you to feel more connected with yourself and your partner. Becoming in tune with our bodies and thoughts is a great way of turning our attention towards sexual thoughts and feelings and away from distractions.

Practicing mindfulness can create sensations of arousal and desire in people who previously felt completely cut off from their sexual selves. 

The benefit of practicing meditation and then bringing those skills into your everyday life, including your sex life, may allow you to learn to be more present in the moment and enjoy a more meaningful and enjoyable connection with your partner. It may help you let go of distractions and become more aware of your own body and your partner’s.

There are plenty of resources that can help you begin your meditation and mindfulness journey, such as Headspace. 

Be kind to one another,

Julia, Sexologist


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