Men’s Health Awareness Week 14-20 June 2021

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June 14-20, 2021 is Men’s Health Week. This year’s campaign, organised by the Men’s Health Forum, focuses on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on men’s mental health.

“Even before the pandemic, men’s mental health was a cause for concern. There is a grave disparity in the high number of men who die from suicide and the low number of men who seek treatment for depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges. During the pandemic, children and young people have been disproportionately affected by lockdowns. There has also been a considerable rise in youth unemployment, while home-schooling has hit boys and young men at school and university, especially from BAME backgrounds. Particular groups of male-dominated workforces have suffered disproportionately in terms of income and some (taxi drivers, for example) have received little support from government to compensate for this loss. Men are more likely to be in the sort of jobs that cannot easily be done from home with the result that many male-dominated workforces are also at greater risk from Covid-19.” -Men’s Health Forum

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What actions should you take to care for your mental health? 

  • Have activities and hobbies that make you happy
  • Read a book
  • Practice meditation
  • Exercise 
  • Set boundaries
  • Go to counselling or therapy
  • Journal

A few resources to help you find what works for you:

  • Think like a Monk by Jay Shetty. I am currently reading this and I absolutely love it. It brings a different understanding and learning of meditation and life. It is also very interesting to learn through Jay Shetty’s experience.  
  • Headspace app
  • Calm app
  • The Little Book of Sloth Philosophy, by Jennifer McCartney. I have read this book. It is a very quick and light read. It is also a small book so easy to bring around. I really enjoyed this book. It helps put certain things in perspective and teaches you to slow down.  

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Be kind to one another

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