February Daily Affirmation Challenge

Hi Readers! 

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that beginning tomorrow we will be doing a daily affirmations challenge on our instagram page. You can still access this page even if you do not have an instagram account. Click here to follow the challenge.

Every day, for the entire month of February, there will be a new daily affirmation for you to say out loud. This coincides with the launch of our new e-book A guide to Self-Love that you can purchase here. We have created 2 versions. The content is the same, it is the appearance that is different. 

And to help you begin or continue your self-love journey, I am gifting you 25% off these e-books. Just use the code LOVEYOURSELF21 at checkout!!

Are you ready?!?

Be kind to one another!

Julia, Sexologist

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