Healthy Relationships

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This week’s article is about healthy relationships. Now, more than ever, relationships are being put to the test; with extra stress, being homebound, being 24/7 with your partner and house-sharing.

Have you found yourself thinking about what is a healthy relationships, are you feeling like yourself in your relationships? 

So, what is a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship is about showing mutual respect. There are 6 components of a healthy relationship, which are (in no particular order):

  1. Accountability: Admitting mistakes or when wrong, accepting responsibility for behaviours, attitudes & values.
  2. Safety: Refusing to intimidate or manipulate, respecting physical space, expressing yourself in a non-violent way.
  3. Honesty: Communicate openly and truthfully.
  4. Support: Supporting each others choices, being understanding, offering encouragement, listening non-judgementally, valuing the other’s opinions.
  5. Cooperation: Asking for something, not expecting it. Accepting change. Making decisions together. Willing to compromise. Win/Win solutions to conflict.
  6. Trust: Accepting each others word. Giving the benefit of the doubt.

Remember that in every relationship, you have rights as well as responsibilities.

– Being treated as an equal
– Being respected
– Expressing your needs, emotions & feelings
– Having support
– Expressing different tastes, likes, opinions, ideas & dreams
– Having your own beliefs and values
– Having your own activities
– Seeing your family & friends
– Setting personal boundaries 
– Preserving your intimacy until YOU decide to share it
– Expressing your wants in a sexual relationship
– Saying NO to a sexual relationship
– Protecting yourself from an unwanted pregnancy and/or STI
– Feeling safe
– Ending the relationship
– Treating the other person as your equal
– Setting your limits
– Taking care of your wellbeing
– Listening to what the other person has to say
– Staying attentive to other’s needs
– Respecting the other person’s boundaries 
– Respecting other’s beliefs and values
– Supporting the other person
– Being respectful when resolving issues or a fight
– Sharing tasks, house chores, etc. 
– Maintaining your friends & family circle
– Keeping your intimacy and your personal space respected
– Being aware of your own safety & security 
– Getting help when you need it 
– Taking the necessary measures to protect yourself from an unwanted pregnancy and/or STI
– Expressing your needs, emotions & feelings

Be kind to one another!

Julia, Sexologist


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