Being proud of yourself

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Today I would like to write about being proud of yourself. This is also the first video in our new mini-series: Taking it to the Chalk Wall, a sexual health and wellbeing series.

Dear Self: YOU ARE DOING GREAT” – Anonymous

This is something that a lot of people struggle with. They are always reaching higher and higher because they think they are not enough. Don’t get me wrong, ambition and hard work is great but don’t forget to thank yourself, be proud of yourself for EVERY SINGLE STEP that you take. It is important to recognise your strengths, your hard work, the ups and the downs. Recognise them, feel them. Try not to be so hard on yourself. Know your limits and be proud of all that you do. This includes the little things, too. For example: making your bed, be proud that you took those 5 minutes to make it. Working out, getting your children ready for school, preparing food for the week, getting those last few things done on your to-do list. You get the point. Whatever you do, be proud. And when you start doing that you’ll see that positive self-love and self-confidence are contagious! That’s what we want! Spread your positivity like sparkles (yes, even those of you out there who don’t like sparkles).

Dear Self: I believe in you. I trust in you. I care for you. I love you. I accept you. You are enough.” – Anonymous

There is a tool that I really like to use when working with clients on their self-confidence and self-esteem. It’s called the proud star. I learnt this while I was an intern during the last year of my undergrad. I think it’s brilliant. A star is shiny, gives light and is beautiful. Once you add accomplishments to it, it shines even brighter.

So here it is; I want you to do this once a week, once a month or whenever you are feeling down:

It is so important for you to recognise when and why you are proud of yourself.

I would also like to add that this is a great tool for all the parents out there to do with their children. Encourage your child to answer the questions on their own, beginning with one answer per category and then working their way up to two or three. Building their self-confidence will pay off immensely as they grow up.

Let me know how this works for you via email or comment on the IG post. If you would like to continue your self-confidence and self-esteem journey, please contact me for an appointment.

Be kind to one another!

Julia, Sexologist

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